Friday, 9 December 2011

Make Up Tips and Tricks

I'm sure people will know a few of these, but I thought I would do the post anyway!

  • Apply bronzer to the forehead near the hairline, temples, under the cheeks and the chin. These are the areas which tan the most when in the sun, so this will look more natural! If you want a bit of colour all over the face, use the bronzer brush without applying more bronzer to it to gently colour the centre of your face.
  • If you want to test out a lipstick in the shop, apply it to the pad of your finger, not the back of your hand, as this area is more like your lips so will show you the true colour.
  • You can use your lipstick as a cream blush for a dewy glow. If it's a bright shade (e.g fuschia) mix it with a little bit of concealer to take out the brightness and give it a more natural look.
  • Apply your foundation to your face first, before blending with a brush - this stops the product from being soaked up into the brush and wasted.
  • To contour your face subtly, use two different colours of foundation - one which is your skin tone, and one that is a few shades darker. Apply the dark foundation to the areas that I mentioned for bronzer, and the natural colour to the rest of the face and blend in with a brush. This method is better for a subtle look compared to applying your foundation first then using a contouring powder/cream as it blends better.
Do you have any other tips/tricks? x

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