Saturday, 10 December 2011

New Years Eve Dress :)

I bought this dress from the last chance to buy section at Warehouse, and plan to wear it for NYE. I have photo's from the website, but obviously not on me as I haven't worn it out yet! But I have tried it on and I absolutely love it!

I think this dress is adorable and the lace is great. I got it at 25% off, so this cost me around £55 which I don't think is too expensive for such a nice dress!

What's everyone else planning to wear for NYE? x


  1. this is SO cute. what shoes were you planning on pairing it with? i need to start figuring out an NYE outfit asap!

  2. thanks! Oh I don't know yet :S the options are endless! I've tried on 3 pairs of shoes with it which really go, two are a darkish purple and the other a pair of black shoe boots. what are you thinking of wearing for nye - any ideas yet?

  3. NO idea yet! I'm thinking something super sparkly/glittery, since I think it's the only day out of the year that I can get away with looking like a massive disco ball.

  4. haha I know, xmas is the only time of year that this is acceptable - which is quite lucky as sequins are really in at the moment! x