Saturday, 10 December 2011

NYE Shoe Options

I have 3 shoe options for NYE, there are a pair that I am leaning towards which are from ALDO called Enriguez - yes, I know they are a bit vibrant and out there, but they actually go very well with the dress (I tried the combo on!).

The second option are "Glad" from Kurt Geiger, they are really nice and super comfortable! AND on sale now, which is a winner!

The 3rd option are these amazingly beautiful shoes, also from KG, called "Arrogant" - they are gorgeous but I think having a lace dress and lace shoes would just be too much lace?!

My last option are a pair of black zipped shoe boots from New Look - they're nice, but they are very very plain and when I tried them on I wasn't too sure.

What do you guys think?! x

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